Enrich Your Child’s Life—and Support a Worthy Cause!

We all know reading has the power to improve a child’s mind—but with The Breast Books Ever, it can also help make the world a better place. This fun, light-hearted trilogy of children’s books not only inspires and entertains, it also supports the fight against breast cancer.


With every sale of The Breast Books Ever, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Rethink Breast Cancer, a national charity designed to further education, research, and support for young people who are concerned about or affected by the disease.  Rethink is a national volunteer-driven registered charity with a bold, enterprising and entrepreneurial approach. 


The Benefits of Reading

Kids and reading go hand-in-hand—and for good reason. Childhood development experts have long heralded the benefits of sharing books with little ones. In addition to the entertainment value and bonding opportunity, reading to your kids builds a foundation for a lifetime of learning. Children exposed to early literacy activities are better communicators, have higher confidence levels, and are more likely to excel in academics.

The Breast Books Ever is an easy, affordable way to entertain and educate your child while helping to make a difference in the lives of those affected by breast cancer. Click here to read summaries of our books.